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Serving the Public Good


Service and civic engagement are central to what it means to be a Princetonian, as reflected in the University's informal motto, "Princeton in the nation's service and the service of humanity." Various elements of the University's mission — educating students, 发现新知识和发展学生的性格——有一个共同的最终目标, to improve the community and world around us.

通过食品捐赠和辅导等直接活动,我们为公益服务的努力是显而易见的, but they're also woven through courses and research, from studying languages to research about climate change. Students learn about how to contribute to society during their time on campus, 教师通过他们的奖学金服务公众,而校友则继续他们的领导和参与生活.

Learning to Serve

Pace Center for Civic Engagement 


从开学迎新的第一天,到毕业前的伤感日子, Princeton's Pace Center for Civic Engagement 旨在教导学生为什么以及如何参与有意义的、持续的服务. 服务活动围绕着处理底层策略问题的讨论, meetings with community groups, training on how to assess the impact of their work, and opportunities for reflecting on service.

Advocacy and Activism 

In addition, dozens of events each week — workshops, lectures, 午餐谈话和更多——为学生提供了解问题和参与的机会. Campus centers such as the Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding and Women's Center 定期邀请讲者分享他们在建设更公正社会方面的经验.

Academics & Service

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OPE体育的学术课程——包括本科生的通识教育要求, 例如实验室科学和伦理思想——为学生提供了从文学到遗传学等领域的广泛知识基础, 以及批判性思维工具,让他们有能力评估自己职业生涯中的想法和问题,以及作为全球公民的能力.

A student presents her findings at the 2017 CBLI Poster Fair

Some courses have a hands-on component to engage students in service. The Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship 帮助当地非营利组织与从工程到社会学的教师建立联系, and students can enroll in courses to develop research projects, collect and analyze data, 并与能够利用这些信息的组织和机构分享他们的结果和结论. Working with nonprofits and government agencies, 伍德罗·威尔逊公共与国际事务学院的学生必须担任 policy task force to research a policy challenge and present findings to relevant agencies.

If a student becomes passionate about an issue, the senior thesis is one opportunity to delve deeply into the topic. 最近的高级论文涉及的主题包括竹材可持续建设, understanding language development in infants, and reducing the impact of social media on body image.

Engaging in Service Opportunities

参加“性别、性别歧视和性行为”之旅的学生们在开完早会后,在中央公园放松. 这个团体在纽约市花了一周时间与参与女权运动的组织会面.

上午的会议结束后,参加“突破OPE体育官网”之旅的学生们在中央公园休息. 这个团体在纽约市花了一周时间与参与女权运动的组织会面. 

甚至在大学开学之前,本科生就可以申请参加OPE体育的课程 Novogratz Bridge Year Program, 一种免学费的计划,让即将入学的大一新生推迟他们的大学第一年去国外服务. 佩斯公民参与中心为本科生和研究生组织了许多项目, including Community Action, an orientation program centered around service; Breakout Princeton, weeklong service trips during school breaks; Community House, which focuses on education for local Princeton families; and the Student Volunteers Council该公司协调了从大学咨询到消防等30多个常规项目. Students in the Keller Center's Tiger Challenge 以小团队合作,解决经济适用房和青少年心理等社会问题.

In addition, nearly every organization on campus — including residential colleges, eating clubs, athletic teams, faith-based groups — arranges service activities throughout the year. 学生也有机会通过诸如 Bogle Fellows in Civic Service and Projects for Peace.


The Princeton Internships in Civic Service program, an alumni initiative established by the Class of 1969, 为学生与校友和非营利组织安排带薪暑期实习.

Additionally, the Office of Career Services and the International Internship Program 帮助确定适合学生技能、价值观和潜在职业的实习机会. All careers offer the opportunity to serve the common good, directly or indirectly, 这些办公室会为你提供建议,帮助你找到一个令人满意的机会,并帮助你决定职业道路.

Employee Engagement 

2017 Month of Service - Princeton Nursury School

In addition to supporting Princeton's academic mission, 教师和工作人员可以通过大学坐标的一些年度计划来回馈当地社区, including a United Way campaign; food and toy drives around the holidays; and a clothing drive for adults re-entering the workforce and in need of business attire. 社区和区域事务办公室也收集和分享关于 local volunteer opportunities for staff, such as serving meals, providing transportation for seniors, dog walking and training at a local shelter, and maintaining hiking trails.

Lifelong Engagement

Mark Miley congratulates a student of ROTC

我们希望所有离开OPE体育官网的学生都比刚来的时候更有服务意识, and that civic engagement has become a central part of their lives, 无论他们是选择在当地社区的团体中做志愿者,还是选择从事服务工作.

Some Princetonians choose to embark on postgraduate fellowships, many supported by alumni groups, that match young alumni with nonprofit organizations. Such programs include the Princeton AlumniCorps and Princeton in Africa.

Many alumni are leading lives of service. 例如,1989届的成员温迪·科普(Wendy Kopp)创立了“为美国而教”. Mark Milley, a 1980 graduate, is chief of staff of the U.S. Army.

Alumni can also engage in service through opportunities at Princeton. 每年计划在同学会和校友会议上进行服务活动. To keep the cycle in motion, 校友可以接触大学,与在校学生分享他们的专业知识, 他们可以在世界各地的社区和组织中接待学生.